Adam Ledger

After finishing my BA Hons in Visual effects at grade first distinction; this was my first role in industry in which I worked cohesively and dynamically in a pipeline and team of other artists providing my skill set as a 3D Generalist predominantly in commercials and music videos : Initially matchmoving plates and model rigs for the creation of virtual cameras and hand animating assets purposed for the CG team to use and implement into their scenes. Here is where I also had my hand in expanding my generalist skill set, through the disciplines of: hard surface modelling in Maya, 3d texturing using programs Mari and Substance painter and Lighting using a Houdini workflow switching between Arnold, Redshift and Mantra depending on the requirements and demands of the client. Towards the end of my tenure here at Electric Theatre Collective: I was entrusted with a significant amount of shot responsibility often taking particular scenes from start to finish: Matchmoving, Environment Layout, Asset creation and Look Development to Lighting and Rendering.

Adam Ledger
Manchester, United Kingdom
First Class BA (Hons) Visual FX
VFX Specialist / 3D generalist

Following my tenure at Electric Theatre Collective, I made the decision to go Freelance. Undertaking the responsibility to seek work as a 3D Generalist moving between companies Electric Theatre Collective, Lola Post, Coffee & TV and Space VFX. Working on a plethora of notable episodic, documentary, viral video and commercials for prestigious and established company brands (Which can be found in my LinkedIn work history). My ability to scale up and down the pipeline between different disciplines whilst adhering to stringent deadlines in a fast paced environment quickly became an asset for every company I contracted to. Often undertaking mammoth tasks of creating all 3D elements and making use of my creative prowess to artistically direct and layout shots that I would back and forth with other artists, cg leads and clients I would work with until all were satisfied with the result. Wherever I was operating I would frequently aid junior colleagues, often imparting my knowledge of 3D Generalist techniques to those that needed help within the office. Always taking a keen interest in learning new areas of the pipeline consistently adding new skill sets to my Generalist tool belt.

Adam Ledger


01. Lighting

02. Layout

03. Rendering

04. Crowd FX

05. Smoke FX

06. Grain FX

07. Hard Surface Modelling

08. Texturing

09. Look Development

10. Shading

11. Matchmove

12. Compositing


01. Maya

02. Houdini

03. Nuke

04. Arnold

05. V-Ray

06. Substance Painter

07. Mari

08. Premiere Pro

09. After Effects

10. 3D Equalizer 4

11. PF Track

12. Z-Brush