Client name
Cadbury // ETC

Cadbury Worldwide Hide is an award winning marketing campaign that I had the pleasure of creating most 3D elements for their main commercial. This was the was a prime example all of my generalist skill set coming together.

As illustrated in my current show reel I had reference of a Cadbury’s chocolate Easter egg that I translated into a 3D model using Maya’s modelling tools, assessing and texturing its tin foil appearance that I recreated using substance painter and developing the look of the egg within a neutral look development scene preparing the asset to be implemented into a series of establishing shots that I personally matchmoved and laid out.

One of the main challenges I overcame in this project was the lack of lighting data taken on shoot of the commercial, leading me to fabricate a series of image based lighting (IBL) high dynamic range images to match the lighting in each of the plates I was provided.

From here I assessed the lighting in each of the plates and using a combination of Houdini and Arnold I proceeded to recreate the lighting, positioning lights throughout the scene matching the lighting conditions that were captured in the footage. Ultimately rendering my cg and passing the completed results onto the compositing team and collaborating with one another satisfying any demands the compositing team require: extra render passes, lighting changes or technical errors.