Inside Man
Client name
BBC // Space

Inside Man is a television episodic series created for the BBC. I was tasked with the completion of over 24 shots; some individual shots and two significant shot sequences that required me to plan and build a CG layout that could then be propagated to each individual shot that would take place in the same location. The first being in episode one required me to build a set extension of passing engineering works for a scene that was recorded on a static London underground carriage.

Making use of online reference and even taking it upon myself to record my own journey for first had reference; I then individually tracked each of the shots building a cg version of the set within Maya that I would then animate down a 3D recreation of the tunnel I built from the ground up modelling, laying out, texturing look developing my own pipes and engineering works. The result, albeit subtle was extremely effective and gratifying.

The second sequence I was tasked with was creating a series of David Fincher’esqe transitions traveling through floorboards as a one shot transition. This was filmed using a hole between two sections of set that the camera would travel through: a basement and ground floor of a house that required a cg cavity separating the two.

There were 12 individual uses for this in the project so that demanded I create a procedural set up that could be propagated to each of these bespoke shots allowing for small lighting tweaks between whilst adhering to time constraints. Once again utilizing my knowledge of shot composition to layout each of these environments creating a majority of pipe assets and collaborating with other artists that would provide me minor changes to textures and look development when needed.

Lighting these shots in a soft and subtle way to achieve the look that the client was satisfied with. This was completed using Maya and Vray with texturing inside of substance painter.